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Our mission is to protect and empower people with the tools and services needed to affordably live a just and secure life.

We create products that improve and empower the lives of everyone. It is our belief that people have the right to defend themselves against injustices rather than simply accepting whatever life brings.

LegalShield + IDShield Dual Plan

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Credit Counseling and Education

Our identity theft specialists will provide one-on-one education to help you understand your valuable credit rating and actions that are likely to have an impact on your credit score. Lenders and creditors check your financial info and submit their findings to your credit report. A bad credit score could lead to higher payments for products, loans, insurance, debts and mortgage applications. Additionally, your provider law firm can offer legal consultation on the laws surrounding credit scores and lending as well as draft letters on your behalf, and review documents up to 15 pages.

With this full-service credit approach, we review your expenditures to help you identify unnecessary spending habits that could negatively affect your credit. We look at your expenses to help determine if you are paying for services you don’t need. If you already subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, do you really need that third streaming service subscription? Are you paying for the premium phone plan when a cheaper tier will do? By analyzing your payments, we can help you trim the fat that could lead to bad credit.

Receive counseling on:
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Debt management

Offer education on healthy debt management and how to follow a spending plan. 

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Financial budgeting

Provide information to assist customers in creating a budget.  

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Actions that impact your credit rating

Educate on actions that can impact credit ratings, understanding those ratings and how they can influence interest rates.  

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Identity Theft Risk Management

Guidance on how to mitigate the risks of identity theft. Including how to block unwanted calls and texts, awareness of circulating scams, ploys to gain access to personal information and phishing awareness. 

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Reducing exposure to identity theft

Offer Privacy Management and Reputation Management alongside additional tools available through the IDShield Membership to proactively reduce risks. 

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How new credit report entries can impact credit ratings

Educate consumers on best practices when applying for credit to limit any negative impacts.   

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How credit scores influence loans and interest rates

Explain how credit score is used to determine if a consumer is a risk when extending credit. In addition, the credit score is used to help determine the interest rates and fee’s financial entities charge, based on the determined credit risk.

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Causes of credit score changes

Education as to what components can lead to changes in a credit score. These include, but are not limited to, debt to credit ratio, payment history and different scoring systems or algorithms.  

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How collections and inquiries affect credit reports

Credit activity can impact a consumer's score in a positive or negative way. For example, hard inquiries and collections will decrease your score by as little as 5 points and up to 110 points. We will educate consumers on best practices when applying for credit to limit any negative impacts.  

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Reviewing suspicious activity

Assistance in reviewing any suspicious activity reported by the service with coaching and education on how to determine the difference between legitimate and suspicious activity.  

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How to build credit

Share tips on how to build a strong credit file such as keeping a low balance, paying on time and maintaining a low credit ratio. 

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Home buying coaching

Education and consultation on purchasing a home to offer understanding on how to work on credit issues, understanding the various loan terms, interest rates and how your credit plays into the overall process.  

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Mortgage Risks and Education

Guidance on understanding the various loan terms, interest rates and how your credit plays into the overall process.  

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Creating a Budget

Coaching on how to calculate monthly income, pick a budgeting method and monitor your progress to help you decide what to spend each month. 

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Spending Habits

Assistance in tracking spending habits and coaching in how to improve those habits to best position the consumer for financial stability.

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How debt settlement affects credit score

Educate customers on how debt settlement impacts a credit score short and long term, potential outcomes of settling for a lesser amount, and how this impacts a person in the future.

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Understanding credit card APR

Understand what APR is and how it factors into your monthly payments on borrowed monies. 

Les services juridiques, la documentation et les services de protection d’identité sont fournis en anglais.

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Through our LegalShield mobile app, we place a law firm in the palm of every member’s hand. We constructively disrupt the barriers that keep citizens from using legal services through our innovative mobile apps and exclusive network of law firms. 

With the touch of one button, you can speak with a lawyer on any issue and receive advice and consultation. If necessary, a letter or call will be made by your lawyer on your behalf. Document reviews, speeding ticket protection and preparation of a Last Will and Testament are some of our most common services.

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Our Privacy Management Services leverage the IDShield mobile app and certified Licensed Private Investigators to comprehensively protect members’ personal data.

In a world full of impersonal threats, we believe that everyone has the right to thrive without disruptions rather than adapting to whatever life brings.

We've taken our platform for identity protection, monitoring and restoration and expanded it to offer comprehensive privacy management services - helping people navigate the privacy and reputational pitfalls that exist online.

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Building a better world that helps protect you from multiple angles.

With a network of 39 law firms serving the United States and Canada, LegalShield’s provider lawyers have the experience to handle whatever legal need you throw at them. 

Every year, millions of people become victims of identity theft. When cyber criminals strike, it’s hard to know what to do or where to turn.

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"I am so impressed with the service that I have received from LegalShield. My Provider Firm is very informative and replies to my concerns and questions in a timely matter. I don’t know what I would do without your services."

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24/7 Legal Support for Your Family.

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Comprehensive identity protection and credit monitoring.


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IDShield Plan

Offering comprehensive identity theft monitoring and full service identity restoration services with $1M of identity theft insurance coverage.

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Transunion credit monitoring that covers you and your spouse or domestic partner.

Transunion credit monitoring that covers one individual.

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Unlimited interstate phone consultation, 40 phone calls or letters on your behalf a year, 15 collection notices per month, calls on specialty areas of law and more.
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